Berlin Events and Festivals

In the city of Berlin, you can enjoy not only its sights but also the festivals and events that celebrate almost everything. Berlin is popular when it comes to events such as the largest festival in the world, the Berlin International Film Festival, which even precedes the famous Cannes festival. There are many musical festivals as well held in Berlin like the Love Parade, Berlin Jazzfest and the Fete de la Music.

There are plenty of festivals and fairs in Germany and these are what also make the country popular among travelers from all over the world. Here are just some of the events that are worth experiencing:
Festival of Lights

The Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale)

The Berlin Film Fest is probably one of the most sensational events in the world that see many guests from different places coming to visit. This Internationale Filmfestspiele is a very significant festival in the country, which happens annually during the month of February. It has been held since the year 1951 and different representatives from all over the world make up the jury that judges the participating films, whose premieres are held in the Berlin ale Palast.

St. Christopher Street Day

This day parade is a celebration of the culture of transgenders, bisexuals, lesbians and gays. With a flamboyant display of costumes and loud techno music, the event is actually very refreshing to an international guest. Visitors who have an open mind can actually enjoy this parade that happens every June.

Karneval der Kulturen

The Karneval der Kulturen is a festival that showcases the cultures of the world. If you want to see wacky and interesting costumes in Germany, this Cultural Carnival held in Berlin is a must-see. Expect to hear more music and see elaborate floats and costumes at the Karneval der Kulturen.

Festtage in der Staatsoper

Festtage in der Staatsoper is the leading festival of classical music. This festival showcases the best orchestras, instrumentalists and conductors who flew in from around the world for a series of concerts for 3 weeks in the month of April.

Berlin Marathon

Berlin Marathon is basically a street race of the people, which has now become a part of the international calendar for marathon-running. This event in Berlin has a true community feel since the race passes by local residences unlike in other cities where the marathon route goes through commercial areas. This happens every September in Berlin where the best marathon runners of the world gather.

Christmas Market

The Yuletide shopping spirit is alive in Berlin with the Christmas Market. The festive atmosphere is undeniable during this event where people shop for presents for their loved ones and themselves.

One of the reasons why Berlin is such a great choice for European destination is because of its events and festivals, which are distributed throughout the entire year. It would be much exciting for a tourist to explore these events and experience the festivals that make the city unique. Experiencing this will make people see Berlin in a different light – that Berlin is actually very friendly and exciting to the international crowd.

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