Food & drink in Berlin

Berliner SausageThere is a wide variety of choices when it comes to eating and drinking in Berlin. From a fast snack to an elegant gourmet meal, you may choose however you want to indulge in Berlin’s cuisine.
Berlin’s traditional cuisine is naturally hearty and rustic like the currywurst, which is Germany’s sausage with curry sauce. Eisbein (pork knuckles) as well as “Berliner Wesse” (specialty beer) are also examples of the cuisine specialties in Berlin.

There is a saying that Berlin is unique in all of Germany. That goes as well with the food scene in the city. This is why tourists from all over the world are encouraged to try at least one specialty of Berlin so as to experience a unique part of the city.

Breakfast and Brunch

In this city, you can eat breakfast at anytime of the day. Crowds gather around at cafés to drink coffee and enjoy international breakfast specialties while reflecting on the events of the previous night.
Breakfast is still eaten by most Germans at home although there are a few good restaurants that are open for breakfast. Brunch is becoming an “in” thing in Berlin nowadays, which are actually elaborate classic German breakfast with some fruits and long coffee or orange juice.

Coffee & Dessert

Cafes are also popular in Berlin. In fact, the city has a coffee-house culture just like any other European cities. Most cafes (Kaffee) have a fine variety of fresh cakes (Kuchen).
Coffee enthusiasts in Berlin love to have their coffee more bitter and thinner than those that are served in Italy. This may be attributed to the lower percentage of the Arabica beans in the typical coffee blend of the Germans.

Once you order a Kaffee or coffee, you will be given a black coffee with a packet of creamer on the side. If you have an American or English palate, you will most probably prefer your coffee to be much creamier. If you like your coffee to be white, you should then order a “Milchkaffee” although this specialty is not always available in all cafes.

Eating Out

There are many stylish places in Berlin where you can eat out. You can also enjoy eating in Kneipe (corner bars) and have a desert afterwards in the tradition of Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cakes).

Other popular places for eating are beer halls and old breweries (Biergarten, Bierkeller and Brauhaus). Nowadays, more and more restaurants are beginning to include vegetable dishes to cater to vegetarians around the world.

What to keep in mind when dining out in Berlin

After your meal, place your knife and fork together on your plate’s side. If you haven’t finished with the meal yet, keep them spread out. This will prevent the waiters from bringing your plate to the dishwasher.

If the person who waits on you sits with you on your table to discuss your bill with you, don’t be surprised because this is normal in Berlin.
When “prosting” or toasting, it is important to look into the other person’s eyes, otherwise it would be disrespectful. You might even get your neighbor into a nasty and sour mood if you show a sign of lack of respect.

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