Sightseeing in Berlin

Berlin has many tourist attractions and historic monuments that spark interest to foreigners all over the world. If you just stay in Berlin for a couple of days, it may be quite hard to decide and prioritize what attractions to see.

One of the main things why this city is such a colorful place is its culture and Berlin presents a vast diversity of museums, opera houses, orchestras and theaters that will offer travelers a rich experience. Most of the notable monuments were wiped out in World War II, which is why most of what is seen in Berlin today is a restoration.

Berlin WallWhen Germany was reunified, many construction developments were completed and Berlin looks very different now from how it did a decade ago. Today, the city of Berlin has become one of the most dynamic cities with a distinctive culture and tradition at the same time imbibing the present-day attributes of Germany.

What Berlin brings to your table is what makes it unique – its history and culture. However, this experience doesn’t necessarily bring you back in time. In fact, the city offers much of what the country has become today, owing everything to what has happened in the past.

The top Berlin tourist attractions

The city of Berlin offers so much to see and making a list of your priorities can be a challenging task. Here are just some of the top attractions in Berlin that tourists must experience.

Fat Tire Bike Tour – When you go on this tour, you can see a number of sights such as the Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. Basically, you will be on a bike tour for hours when you are on the fat tire bike tour, but this depends on the tour you are on. Luckily, the bikes are very comfortable and the area you will be traveling on is flat and you will just definitely enjoy the sights you ought to see.

The Brandenburg Gate is a famous Berlin landmark. This gate is actually a very historical sight because before they built the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate served as the primary crossing point for the east-west traffic.

Unsicht Bar – Unsicht Bar is a very unique place. The guests who dine here spend the evening in complete darkness. What’s even more interesting is that the waiters in this restaurant are all blind.

Berlin Wall Museum and the Berlin Wall – The Berlin Wall is a very historical place and your trip to Germany is truly worth it when you visit the landmark. Just as the Berlin Wall is famous for the events that took place on it, the Berlin Wall museum is controversial because it states that it is a monument erected for the victims of the “communist reign of violence”.

The Soviet War Memorial found in the Tiergarten highlights a statue of a Soviet soldier. The monument was devoted to millions of soldiers who died during the WWII. Near the memorial landmark stood tanks and artillery items symbolizing the war that lost many lives.

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